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FSBO High Price of the Day (5/16/2017) @ $124,890 for 2014 Replica/Kit Makes Ultima GTR Heffner Per

By FSBO | Wednesday, May 17, 2017 | Comments(0)

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The Ultima GTR, hails from the fertile race-car turf of Britain, the land where McLaren, Reynard, Williams, and Van Diemen build race cars that win with remarkable regularity. Lee Noble, a freelance car designer, designed and built the first Ultima in 1983 for a British kit-car racing series. It used many Renault parts, including a 270-horsepower V-6 engine mounted amidships. It was a success at the track, so Noble went on to sell 40 race cars before 1988, when he updated it. One of the 13 new models was purchased for about $25,000 by a civil engineer named Ted Marlow. A weekend racer, Marlow did what most race-car owners do -- he customized the Ultima to his liking. He swapped the V-6 for a 440-hp Chevy small-block V-8. In 1992, after four years of modifying and perfecting his car, Marlow, then 44, purchased Noble's enterprise. His goal was to turn the Ultima into a civilized street car yet retain its prowess on the track. The project took 18 months. Marlow replaced the Renault parts with Ultima-specific units. He farmed out some bits and pieces but did most of the work himself. The brakes, for example, were designed by the well-known firm AP Racing. Since 1995, Marlow's small factory in Hinckley, England, has turned out about 200 Ultimas. The quickest accelerating and decelerating supercar of all time and multiple world speed record holder. The exciting Ultima GTR road car is the result of over 25 years of extensive research and development and is a product that takes the Ultima marque to sensational levels of fit, finish and performance. The world renowned GTR really is a supercar in every sense of the word which has officially humbled every last mainstream car on the planet bar none. The GTR has been crowned as the quickest production car in the world, beating the likes of the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo and McLaren F1 to a plethora of world speed acceleration and deceleration records. The Ultima GTR has also been independently timed around the Top Gear test track and was found to be a blistering 6.2 seconds per lap faster than the 450,000 Ferrari Enzo and 4.0 seconds per lap faster than the 1.5million Bugatti Veyron SS, staggering the onlookers witnessing the remarkable feat! Aerodynamic efficiency and balance has been of paramount importance on a car that is capable of over 200mph. Attention has centred around the length the rear of the car to help clean up the airflow and thus improve down force, whilst maintaining a short front and rear overhang has ensured that the Ultima performs perfectly on normal roads taking speed bumps and ferry ramps in it's stride. These developments have been comprehensively tested at MIRA (the Motor Industry Research Association) where the group was so impressed by the results that it sought an Ultima GTR as the centrepiece for many exhibition appearances publicising the extensive facilities that they have available for car manufacturers. The ultra clean look of the GTR and the faultless self-coloured gel coat bodywork has not been achieved through luck, but rather by design. The production car feel of the Ultima is immediately apparent, from the specially moulded headlight housings and covers to the immaculate panel fit and lack of any external body catches. Huge wheels front and back fill the wheel arches declaring it's performance potential while items such as the purpose-made electric wing mirrors combine to create the complete picture. The sensational appearance of the car has been applauded by designers and connoisseurs alike. If you are interested in this car and have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at info at maciejrogozinski dot com or call me at (201) 323-6634. CHASSIS - VIN: ULTIMASPORT205658 Developed over thousands of miles of road and track testing. Fully triangulated spaceframe, with integral crash protection crumple zones all round. Fully jigged to ensure total uniformity, including all mounting points for suspension etc. Integral rollcage welded to the main frame. Once fully checked, the chassis is grit-blasted, etch primed and powder-coated to form a smooth corrosion resistant finish. ALLOY PANEL SET All aluminium panelling is supplied pre-cut to the exact shapes required. All bends pre-formed at the factory. Polythene coating on both sides minimises potential for scratches during assembly. PEDALS 18-gauge mild steel, Tig welded for maximum strength and lightness. CDS pedal pivot bar ensures ultra smooth action. Pedal foot pads are adjustable for perfect driver comfort. Front/rear braking bias can be set either manually or via cockpit mounted adjuster wheel. Lightweight accelerator pedal specially designed for easy heal/toe operation. MASTER CYLINDER Dedicated master cylinders have been carefully balanced to the pedal ratio for optimum feel. Single fluid reservoir feeding both master cylinders features SVA approved fluid level warning system. SUSPENSION WISHBONES Cold-drawn seamless tube is Tig welded for maximum strength with minimum distortion as well as visual appeal. Depending on end use, either urethane or nylatron bushes can be specified, while a fully rose-jointed set-up is available for those looking for the ultimate in precision and adjustability. Carefully designed suspension geometry ensures that, despite tyres which are 2-3 times the width of most road cars, there is no hint of bumpsteer or tramlining. SUSPENSION UPRIGHTS Cast in LM25 alloy and heat treated to TX combine for maximum strength and lightness. CNC machined to accept specially spaced pre-loaded taper bearings. SUSPENSION TOE LINK Hexagonal sleeve with rose joints at either end ensures easy adjustment and absolute precision of rear wheel toe in or out. FRONT HUBS Bespoke front hubs are machined from a solid billet of 24T steel for maximum strength. BRAKES World renowned braking specialist, AP Racing, has designed the braking system for the Ultima GTR. Huge 320mm x 30mm curved vaned discs are cross-drilled. 4-pot alloy calipers incorporate a smaller leading piston diameter than the rear to reduce taper pad wear. Caliper piston sizes have been carefully balanced against the brake pedal mechanical advantage, weight of the car, diameter of the discs and rolling radius of the tyres. Separate pressure and dust seals make this set-up ideal for both road and track-day use. BRAKE LINES Manufactured from the best quality stainless steel braided hose. Lines come fully finished, with swaged ends to conform with TUV regulations. All lines are fully pressure tested by the manufacturer prior to dispatch. Lines are supplied coded to ease customer assembly. STEERING RACK Alloy casing is specially designed and cast for Ultima by Titon. By starting with a clean sheet, the design of the rack can be exactly tailored for the car, positioning items such as the track rod ball joints in the ideal location and ensuring there is no bump steer yet plenty of vital feedback to the driver. Alloy locating blocks ensure no lateral movement of the rack once it is fitted to the chassis. Centrally positioned rack pinion allows for an angled steering column with two universal joints, thus ensuring no intrusion of the column into the cockpit in the event of a front end impact. 50mm crumplezone placed within the column immediately in front of the steering wheel to further enhance crash protection. COOLING SYSTEM Front mounted radiator, manufactured from brass and copper, becomes an excellent energy absorption component within the existing chassis crumplezone area. Standard radiator is designed to cool engines up to 1200bhp. System has been designed to self-bleed and is a sealed system using a swirl pot and separate expansion tank located in the engine bay. GEAR LINKAGE Constructed from 20mm diameter CDS tube with hook joints for angle movement and precision located by rose-jointed supports. Gear lever can be positioned for either right or left hand gear changes regardless of driving configuration. FUEL TANKS Constructed from alloy sheet which is welded and pressure tested prior to dispatch. Positioned within the Ultima spaceframe chassis for maximum driver/passenger protection. Filled with Safon reticulated polyurethane foam as an explosion suppresser and surge reducer. All fittings in 3/8" male to facilitate the use of stainless steel braided petrol hose fittings. Supplied with a dip tube sender unit in both tanks. Filler hose made for Ultima in wrapped nitrile rubber. Aircraft style filler cap with Ultima logo on release lever. DAMPERS The coil-over spring dampers have been specially designed, tested and manufactured by Intrax. Mono-tube construction with internal separation piston ensures accurate damping at all positions. Incorporates thermostatically controlled valves which give uniform damping at all times. Springs are made from the best race quality chrome silicon wire, protected from corrosion with silver powder-coating. REAR WING GTR wing is of double element design, made from carbon fibre. Fully wind tunnel tested at MIRA. Wing supports are CNC machined from solid 20mm billet alloy plate. DRIVETRAIN Engine Type: Ford GT 90-degree DOHC 32-valve Twin Turbocharged V-8 Transaxle: Ford GT Displacement: 5.4L / 330 CID Bore x Stroke: 3.55 in. x 4.17 in. Horsepower: 900hp+ on 93oct, 1200hp+ on race fuel Builder: Accufab Racing Upgraded Components: Billet ConRods, Billet Crank, Forged Pistons, Upgrade Valvetrain Additional Upgrades: Billet Aluminum Intake Manifold, ATI Harmonic Balancer, Water to Air Engine Management System: Motec w/ Multiple Maps, Traction Control and Launch Control > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Sold at: 5/16/2017 13:52
Sold Price:$124,890
# of Bids:9
Location:Butler, New Jersey

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